Independence and strength for municipalities.

August 14th in 2003 was literally a black day for North America. The largest and longest sustained power outage ever affected 5 million electricity consumers in the GTA. The service for the public is the most important task of a municipality and includes a stable and constant power supply.

The installation of wind and solar plants lead to:

  • A cut off your large energy bills.

  • An increase of your financial stability.

  • The best use of the limited capital and solution of immediate problems.

  • Financial contribution to other activities such as children’s care, infrastructure and job security.

  • Gaining independence as your own energy provider and manager.

  • Reduction of dependency on the provincial energy grid.

  • Creation of new jobs for local enterprises in the green energy sector.

  • The ability to build up skilled resources to implement energy strategy and development plans.

  • Lower energy costs as you prevent costly future power outages.

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