Company/About us

Service beyond the sale.

We built, plan, install and finance solar power plants and wind farms. Thanks to our German roots our customers profit from Germany’s technological expertise and long standing experience in the solar and wind power market.

The wind has changed: Renewable energy sources are not just an alternative but the energy of the new century. We are passionate about renewable energy sources and have the vision that coming generations will rely on power that is clean and independent.

ENERKRAFT itself is working independently from producing companies or electricity suppliers. Therefore we are always able to meet your special needs and to choose the most profitable plant for your location.

ENERKRAFT is your expert for customized solar and wind power projects. We choose the best location, the most profitable plant and the best finance plan, if necessary. To successfully realize complex projects as solar power plants and wind farms it is necessary to take many different aspects into account. Therefore we work with a heterogeneous team of engineers, project managers, lawyers and geologists. We are involved in all stages of the process. Trustworthy and fair teamwork with our customers is not just a promise, it is a necessity.

Please, feel free to address any queries you may have. We are constantly keeping in touch and we are never more than a phone call or email away.